Au Eagle was a chassis up rebuild done here in our shop. We just couldn’t justify patching S%*# Brown together for PA state inspection any more. So it was decided to rebuild and make improvements along the way. We found a 1986 CJ7 which had been totaled by an engine fire with only 49k miles on the clock and used that as our foundation. S%*# Brown became a donor vehicle and we used as much of it as possible to retain the flavor of the ’79 Golden Eagle. Including the drivetrain and any Golden Eagle specific parts. However, since it’s owner, Pam Weidemoyer, loves white vehicles we had to paint it white for her. But not just any white. We used the original shade of white that was available in 1979. Ask her about Au Eagle the next time you call. She loves to talk Jeeps! Anyhow, it turned out fantastic and is a real head turner. Actually, it turned out too nice and now she doesn’t want to take it on the trail!!! So she now has another white Jeep….take a look below….