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About Skid Row Offroad

Starting in 1999 Skid Row® began by providing the offroad Jeep community with top quality skid plates and innovative Jeep Wrangler accessories, such as our Top Prop. We knew that when it came to Jeep Wrangler accessories, you wanted protection that worked and that was dependable. We also knew that part of your fun was working on your vehicle yourself. So we made sure that our products were tough, but not tough to install. It’s been 20 years and we haven’t forgotten.

During the past 20 years we’ve moved beyond our Jeep Wrangler roots to offer products for a greater variety of Jeeps as well as some Nissan and Toyota models. Regardless of which brand is your favorite, we strive to create products that you, our customer, can count on and that you can install yourself….because we know that building your vehicle is still part of the fun! However, we’re always happy to help out if you’ve got a question or concern. Just call or email.

Proudly made in South Central Pennsylvania, we are still a very small, two person company and we remain dedicated to manufacturing here in the United States as we know it benefits our community. We are also committed to making quality products that let you enjoy your vehicle more whether it’s on the street or on a trail. We share your passion and always enjoy seeing our customers out having fun with our products. Happy trails!

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User Reviews

I installed both the tranny/oil pan and steering box skid plates today on my 2006 Rubicon, went pretty smooth… Only took about 2 hours for both of them and I am no mechanic! Looking forward to getting the Night crawler front and rear bumpers soon. Keep up the good work guys!

Benjamin Fuller, Phoenix, AZ

I purchased and installed three SFK skidplate components on my 1995 Jeep GC (front control arms, transfer case and fuel tank). Everything installed without any problems and I am very impressed by both the great design of the assemblies and the high quality of the fabricated components.

George Goss, San Jose, CA

I just finished putting your oil pan skid plate on my 1999 TJ. I am very impressed with the quality of all the parts as well as the design of the plate. The installation was incredibly simple, and only took about 25 minutes!

Jon Berkowitz, USA

HI, just like to say thank you to yourself and your team at skid row for the prompt service that your delivered.
The skid plate looks fantastic on my JK. Regards,

I want to extend my deepest appreciation to you and your company for several things. I have purchased the front approach skid plate and the top bow for a 07 Wrangler. Not only do I really like the quality and finish of the products, the instructions for installation are very thorough and complete. I have purchased a few other products for my other vehicle and not all parts were there and you had to think your own way to install a few of the parts.

You guys are great….


RJ Miller, Ocala, Florida

Hey, I recvd the skid plate today and it is awesome and it’s on the truck already!!! Nice!!! And I mean nice!!!

Dave Ennis, USA

thank you for quick service, i received the plate yesterday and was surprised at the speed of which the order was completed and delivered. once again thank you and if your company should produce any other items for the jeep liberty sport please keep me informed.

Dennis Lunde, USA

Your Liberty skid fit well. Now you can tell people an old guy with fake knees, a right arm that’s had so much surgery that they want to put a zipper on the elbow, and enough steel in his legs to make a good TJ bumper installed one by himself. ….

Thanks for everything!

Mike Hanauer, USA

Just wanted to let you know that Skid Row realy does put out a great product! Just got finished putting up your T/C skid that I picked up from 4x4parts.com . Great design and easy install, cant wait to bang it up. Bit by bit I will have your full product line for the Xterra. Pass the word on to Eric and Pam that you have yet another happy customer!

Thanks again,

Michael Smith, USA

I love my plates (have the full set), and abuse the hell out of them.
My first time on the trail with them (which was my first ever time
offroad) saw me come down hard and by hard, I mean the front wheels left the ground and sorta jumped the rock wall I was climbing, landing my X on a rock outcropping right behind the front jack points.

having never hit a rock before (and also only ever hearing that kind of noise in an accident once), as soon as I got to level ground, I scrambled under my truck to look at what I imagined was going to be a massive dent running the width of the vehicle. All I found was a ragged white scar across the bottom. “No biggie,” I thought, “I just scraped off the powdercoating…i can touch that up when I get home.”
Then I rubbed it. Not a scrape in the paint….It was rock dust! The weight of the Xterra coming down on the rock ledge pulverized the stone. Good, hard Appalachian gneiss, too!

That was the point that you can consider me impressed, and very happy with my purchase. Keep up the excellent work.

One happy customer,


Jamie Rasmussen, Alexandria, VA

Great thanks,

I wish all the companies that made aftermarket parts for the Xterra were as good as you guys.


Kevin, USA

I just completed installation on my 2001 Xterra 4X4 of engine and transfer case skids. They went on without a problem! This was the easiest install I have ever experienced on either my Xterra or my Jeep TJ. I just removed a engine s